Looking For Cabling & Racking Help

Submitted by gpmidi on Fri, 10/14/2022 - 13:36

tl;dr Looking for one or two people who are interested in technology to aid me with cabling and racking. They’d be paid hourly for their work and be taught the skills needed for the work and then some. 

Basically I’m looking for trainable, tech-interested help with some cabling, racking, and such for my server setup. It’s a small setup - one 42U networking rack, one 48U server rack, and three Scalar i6000 tape libraries; each being two racks in size. Right now it’s mostly racked but needs some rework. Plus all of it needs cabling and I’m doing a bunch of structured cabling too. 

The cabling is all patch cable based cat6a, multimode fiber (LC-LC or MTP), and a tiny bit of twinax. There may, optionally, be some cat6a punching to keystone jacks. I’d provide all tools, gear, and training. No fiber termination required; just using pre made cables for it. 

Optionally, if the person is interested, I’d be willing to teach them and have them help with the network configuration side (Ethernet, Fiber Channel, and/or InfiniBand), plus NetBox usage - my DCIM of choice - and even the server and/or tape library side. Although I’d ask for them to already have some basics in networking and/or Linux for the configuration aspect; I have limits on how much I can teach to get the up to a useful level for some of this. 

This would paid hourly and a contractor like, short term spot. Although a longer term engagement isn’t out of the question. 

Interested? Send an email to paul+patching <at symbol> gpmidi.net!