Does your charity need help?

If so, get in touch and I might be able to help. While my time and supplies aren't infinite, I'm happy to help a good cause out when I can. You can assume the below are free for a good cause and no, I don't do paid work. Short notice may not be an issue; many of these can be done with minimal prep time. Although reasonable notice is still a good idea whenever possible as I do have a life, a job, and way to many hobbies. 



  • Low Volume
    • Art quality prints (up to 44")
      • Wide variety of papers on hand
        • Art, banner, canvas, "printer paper", etc
    • Banners
      • Have 1', 2', and 3' weatherproof banner material on hand
      • Grommets, seals, and more on hand too
      • Depending on various factors I may want a hand with some parts of this. The printing is quick and easy, the grommets, seals, etc all add up. 
      • I don't have the gear to sew up the edges, if you or anyone you know does, I can provide information on that. This isn't needed in most cases as the banners can be treated as semi-disposable. 
      • If no post-print seal is added, the ink scratches off the banners easily. 
  • Up To Moderate Volume
    • Moderate quality prints
      • Can do full duplex on 10x12 sheets
      • Sizes
        • 2x6
        • 4x6
        • 8x10
        • 10x12
        • These are on dye-sublimation photo printers using rolls of paper+plastic "ink". 
          • Very low cost per-print
          • Fast print times
          • Portable
          • Many of the ones above can be automatically cut by the printer to other dimensions if needed. 
      • Can be done on-site; the printers and processing gear I use is semi-portable

Dye Sublimation

  • Multipurpose Transfer paper up to 24"
    • For both fabrics and solid services
  • Can be done on site for events!
  • Great for small run, per-person customized t shirts, mugs, etc
    • There are better, cheaper options if a bunch of identical t shirts/mugs/etc are required. 
  • Heat Press: Mugs
    • Have TONS of mug blanks on hand
    • Options
      • Basic, inexpensive, all white
      • Nice, blue outlines
      • Nice, red outlines
      • Nice, black outlines
  • Heat Press: Flat
    • Up to 15"x15" presses
    • On hand
      • 12x12 metal signage
      • 8x12 metal signage (like parking sign sized)
      • Badge sized metal 
      • 2" circular sized metal 
      • A few metal, photo printing quality options
    • Can order
      • T shirts (including some nice breathable ones) 
        • You'll probably have to fund/order these - gets pricey quick
      • Metal signage
      • Metal photo
      • etc


  • Options
    • One or two sided
    • Color or B&W
  • Bulk jobs only
  • Papers on hand
    • Bulk letter
    • Bulk 3-hole letter
    • Limited sticker paper
    • TONS AND TONS of pre-cut label options
      • Including waterproof, high durability labels


  • For items like car decals, t shirts, etc
    • Heat press for vinyl t shirts and related - see Dye Sublimation section
  • Can cut vinyl, paper, stickers, etc up to 15"
    • Ex: Printing+cutting stickers
    • Vinyl car decals
    • Custom t shirts
    • Laptop decals
  • Portable options for events!
  • Various colors and types of vinyl on-hand
    • Almost all on hand is 12" roll or 12x12
    • Have TONS of other roll options nearby too. 
    • Can order rolls of whatever is needed. 
  • Help will probably be required for any vinyl cut jobs of any real size - I don't have the time or energy to pick them all myself. Although I'm happy to help and teach others how. 


  • While I love doing events - anything with people - I can hold my own with other styles too.
  • See the "Photos" drop down above for examples of my work, including a portfolio. 
  • If needed I have lighting, backdrops, etc etc on hand
  • Have portable gear for on site photograph->processing->printing for some events
    • Can use for fun event stations, photo-booth style, "donate to get a print of event" where they can pick up then, etc etc
    • May need help for some event options/types


  • Lavs, mixers, loud speakers, hand mics, etc etc etc
    • Networked audio options too
  • Not up to a big event but could handle small setups and/or aid with moderately large


  • Multiple 4k and 6k video cameras
    • Intermediate selection of glass for both
    • Mounts, tripods, power, etc etc
  • Many GoPro-style options, mounts, etc etc
  • Lighting, back drops, lavs, etc
  • See streaming section for 


  • On-Site
    • Various SD and HD options
    • All gear under "remote" is semi-portable. 
    • Hybrid options with both onsite and remote are a fantastic option
    • Many 4k and 6k options
      • See Video section
  • Remote


  • Three to five SOHO UPS(s) up to 1.5kva
  • 10+ 120v 15A heavy duty 50' extension cords (NEMA-15)
  • Enough L6-30 cables and PDUs that I stopped counting - some single phase, some three phase
  • Generators
    • (continuous power, burst power) 
    • 2x 1.7kw/2.2kw inverter generators
      • Can be teamed
      • Quite - Both sound and RF wise
      • Easy to use and deploy
    • 1x 8kw/10kw
      • On wheels for a reason ;)
      • 120v and 240v options
    • 1x 9.5kw/12kw
      • On wheels for a reason ;)
      • 120v and 240v options
  • 12v/24v battery systems
    • What can I say, I'm a amateur radio operator!


  • Hosting, networking, services, consulting, etc
  • Mesh WiFi networks for events
  • Warning: My time is limited


  • GMRS & FRS Radios
    • Disposable headsets/mics/etc
    • Around 15-30 available
    • Cheap Baofang radios - not the end of the world if a few get damaged or lost. 
    • Can be used for ham radio too - Although unless licensed hams are involved I'll program them so they can only use GMRS and/or FRS. 

Fine Print

These services are not offered professionally, have zero warranty, no guarantee of completion, no guarantee that I'll ever be interested, have time, or bother. In other words, while I'll try to help a good cause out, I can't be sure in any true sense that I can or will help you just because you see this web page. 

Also - 100% just an random dude offering to help out - these services and such are being offered by me personally, not by any companies I work for or with. I also don't do any of the above professionally right now. 

Ok, enough small print stuffzzzzz