Gp's Tape Infrastructure!

`LCMTstLicense` With Dxi Licenses gpmidi

The new "service" licenses used in Quantum's new 794Q.GS00300 firmware is a 40 char long mix of upper case letters and numbers. Now the `LCMTstLicense` utility will normally check a license for any serial. For Dxi licenses like the service license you'll need to change `/etc/serialnum` first.

My Three Scalar i6000 Tape Libraries gpmidi

They're in da house!

Two i6000 Tape Libraries gpmidi

In a home no less ;)

Z Uber Move - Second Draft Of Plans gpmidi

Updated Plans!

First up, the door install is set for Tuesday, February 11th. Once the door is in two of the libraries (the two working ones) will come inside. I'll probably end up using movers to handle getting the boxes, shelving, tool boxes, and other stuff out to the garage. Although I'm not sure yet if I'll try to get the libraries inside before, during, or after the movers come. 

Z Uber Move - First Draft Of Plans gpmidi

Next up in the z uber move...Getting the tape libraries from the garage to the server room. This will require installing a much larger door (two doors really), building a ramp, and moving a metric ton of boxes of gear/cables/parts/etc.

i6000 - LTO-6 Status gpmidi

Looks like I'll need 630Q or better to use LTO-6 with my library. The trick will be getting a copy.

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