ESPHome Setup & Configuration of ESP8266 w/ WIFI 16x SPDT Relay Board

tl;dr How to configure and program an ESP8266 w/ WIFI based 16-channel relay board - ESP8266 WIFI 16 Channel Relay Module ESP-12F - This lengthyq post goes into details around the board and programming it for Home Assistant's ESPHome plugin.

Ubiquiti POE

Found out something interesting today. My NanoStation Loco M5 (it's am XW version) will run on a little over 5v via POE. Dropping it just a hair below 5v would allow it to start but it couldn't run the wifi module. I suspect 5v may not be stable in the long run. That's a test for another day. 

My UAP-AC-MESH, which takes 24v/48v needed a full 24v to run. Even 16v wasn't enough. I didn't try anything in the 16v to 23v range. 

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