Ceph: What Drive Sizes To Use

Submitted by gpmidi on Sat, 01/09/2021 - 14:49

Drive Counts

  • 43 2TB
  • 1 2.5TB
  • 23  3TB
  • 42 8TB (In Ceph)
  • 30 8TB (Not In Ceph)


Why these drives? They're the main data drives I've had and used for years. The only ones I'm going to remove soon are a subset of the 2TB drives with high spin times. Some of them have more than 8.5 years of spin time. I'll probably remove any disk with more than 6 years of spin time as a preventive measure. 

New Drives

If I'm buying new drives for the cluster I'm buying the cheapest in terms of $/TiB that's non-SMR. Why not SMR? The price difference is so small that it's not worth the massive performance loss. But if you've got SMR, use 'em. I have a LOT of SMR in my cluster.