Women's March on Washington

Submitted by gpmidi on Sat, 01/14/2017 - 23:52

Seems that I'll be attending the Women's March on Washington on 2017-01-21. It should be a great event and also a great opportunity to take a few photos. 

Getting there will be interesting given the number of people planning on attending. Plus they're limiting bag sizes and forbidding backpacks. This will make things hard on me as I'll have to keep anything I need in my pockets. 


I ended up not getting any photos as I was helping with communications. Myself and around ten other hams were using HTs to carry messages for event organizers. While stationed at the ADA Tent (for disabled folks) there were seven emergencies, five of which required 911 calls. Since cell phones, including 911, wasn't working there the messages had to be carried by repeater to net control (they coordinate radio traffic between hams at large events). In one day I went from having never handled traffic for or needing to call 911 to having relayed five calls.