The Minisforum V3 - a newly released tablet - is my latest acquisition. The tablet itself is quite nice with Fedora 40 on it. The fprintd daemon works great, even with FreeIPA backing the account. That's the fingerprint reader - like it works out of the box for normal accounts via the gnome f40 tools. With a tiny bit of work it's fantastic for FreeIPA backed accounts too like I use. Basically, loving the tablet portion. No idea if Winbloz11 is any good on it; didn't bother trying as I'm not into that level of crapware and spying from M$. Plus whatever the vendor goes for by default. 

As for the included accessories, they're garbage. They keyboard, while it feels nice while typing, is not connected to the two-section, magnet attached stand. Basically, it's an absolute shit solution that's painful to use, even in ideal cases like on a desk. The pen is no apple pencil... it's usbc charged only, feels cheap and uses real buttons vs touch points. It's not really a wireless unit either for better or worse. The included screen protector is nice though. 

tl;dr Stick with an ipad until something like an ipad magic keyboard is out. When there is something like that uses the hardware connection - mag+wired - well, in that case <3.