Wifi For ARRL Field Day: LARG/K4LRG 2008

Submitted by gpmidi on Wed, 06/13/2018 - 19:50

For LARG's Field Day 2018 I'll be setting up a wifi based network. It will be used for N1MM+ logging, restricted internet access, and remote radio control (ie Flex6500). To do that I'm using a set of up to 10 of Ubiquiti's UAP-AC-MESHs and six NanoStation Loco M5s. The UAP-AC-MESHs will handle most of the traffic while the NanoStations will provide any long distance links. Although given the site size I don't think anything but a UAP-AC-MESH per station will be needed. 

The edge will be a small pfSense based firewall with an uplink to a local wifi provider. One UAP-AC-MESH, a Unifi Cloud Key, and the firewall's LAN port will connect to a small managed Netgear switch (ex GS105E). The other UAP-AC-MESHs will be placed at each radio control station and at the Flex 6700. The network port on each UAP-AC-MESH will provide a wired uplink for each station computer and the Flex 6700. Small five and eight port Netgear managed switches will also be in cases where multiple ports are needed or a VLAN other than untagged is required. 

Most, if not all, stations will have 120VAC via small Honda EU2000i's. However it's possible that some may only have 12VDC. This is particularly true if any UAP-AC-MESH nodes need to be placed in intermediate points to act as a reapter. These will likely not have a generator present. To that end I created a number of options for these locations. 

First is the POE injector portion. I used a number of simple 10/100 injectors that were purchased from Amazon. The barrel connectors were removed and Anderson Power Pole connectors were soldered on. They had to be soldered due to the small gauge of the POE injector wire. Next a number of 12V-to-24V converters were purchased from Amazon. They also had Power Pole connectors attached. The NanoStation Loco M5s can run at 12VDC without any problem. The UAP-AC-MESHs need 24V according to my quick-and-dirty tests.