i6000 - Generating License Keys

Submitted by gpmidi on Thu, 06/20/2019 - 00:30

Quick pointer: If you're using this for anything other than lab testing, well, you really shouldn't. If you've got to have someone tell you that such things are ethically and legally problematic, you're probably not a very good person anyway. Or just not thinking. Either way, think before you use this info. 

Turns out that Quantum/ADIC helpfully includes the binary for generating license keys! 

  1. If you've not already set the admin password via the GUI, do that. 
  2. SSH into the appliance as 'ilinkacc' using the admin password.
  3. Run "ln -s /usr/bin/lcmcmd LCMGenLicense"
  4. Use ./LCMGenLicense to create license keys!

ilinkacc: $ ./LCMGenLicense
Usage: LCMGenLicense options
        <serialnum> <num of features>
        <feature_string> [number_limits]
        <expiration date>
                this key, no more than 5 features in one key.
        <feature_string> is the features to be licensed
                <it is one of:
        <number_limit> is the number limits for above features,
                enter nothing for on/off features
        <expire_date> is in the format YYMMDD.
        -- 999999 means no expiration

For example you can get unlimited capacity key for your system by running: 

ilinkacc: $ ./LCMGenLicense `cat /etc/serialnum` 1 COD 65535 999999
Capacity On Demand licensed
number limit is: 65535

The key is: [removed]