Back Of Repeater, Duplexer, & Wires-X Node Server

The Sterling, VA, USA repeater and WIRES-X node is now up and operational. 

It is a full duplex WIRES-X node, C4FM Repeater, and FM Repeater in FM19ha run by KG4TIH.

This Yaesu DR-2X repeater on 70cm is set for analog and C4FM mode. The node is set to auto join the VA-Sterling (28558) room after an inactivity period of 10 minutes. When in this room or others all C4FM traffic will be sent to the Wires-X room and all signals received via the room will be transmitted via C4FM. The Wires-X features on some Yaesu radios will allow the user to control what room is connected. 

Users with C4FM radios are recommended to keep their radio on automatic mode (the FM or DM with the bar over it). In this mode the radio will automatically switch between analog and C4FM based on input signal type. 

It's currently running at 50w for testing. This may not remain the case. Further testing is required to determine if the transmitter (or any other component) heats up too much when on 50w and in a busy room like AMERICA-LINK. 

The node's site still needs some work before it'll be up in a true permeant, redundant fashion. Until then it my be down at random or otherwise being tested. 

Any problems or concerns can be reported to KG4TIH via the repeater (any mode) or by using the contact info in the node's news. 

Frequency: 449.375-
Tone: 110.9hz (required)
Location: Sterling, Va, USA
Grid Square: FM19ha
Station Call: KG4TIH
WIRES-X Node: KG4TIH-ND (18558)
Default Room: VA-Sterling (28558)
Transmit Power: 50w
Coordination: TMARC

Note: The image shows the station in a "let's stack this up to see if it works before bothering to rack mount it" layout. It'll all be transferred once things have stabilized and are looking good.